The Benefits of a Facebook Business Page

Businesses are aware of the importance of a good marketing strategy and are now beginning to realise the strength of social media marketing such as Facebook Business Page.

Meltem Technology, Inc. Facebook Business Page

The move into this arena has seen many companies adopt the use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. to help promote their business to a larger audience. Facebook is one of the leading social media mediums which organisations are turning to; they are adapting their marketing strategies to incorporate the many benefits which Facebook has to offer. Businesses are predominantly creating Fan Pages (Business Pages) where they are able to promote their products and services. An example of which can be seen on Meltem Technology’s very own Fan Page.

Here are some of the major benefits of using Facebook Fan Pages:

Low Cost Marketing Strategy

Facebook is free and it costs nothing to create your very own Business Page. The tools to implement your very own page are present within Facebook and it requires absolutely no technical knowledge to create a basic Fan Page. It is an ideal platform to launch your social media marketing campaign from and will appeal to those on a limited budget.

Communication and Interaction

Having a Facebook Business page allows you to display information about your business, your products and your services. There are facilities to upload text, images and videos where you may create a presence which is attractive to potential customers. Existing customers or current Facebook users will be able to find you and interact easily in an environment which they are used to.

Increased Website Traffic with Facebook Business Page

If you currently own a website and have it linked with your Facebook Business Page, there is a high probability that a Facebook user will click on that link to your website. This will deliver increased traffic to your website where you provide more detailed information and let your website marketing take over. Having links between your website and your Facebook page affords the opportunity for multi-marketing strategies which will appeal to a broader spectrum of your audience.

Businesses are able to create a Facebook Business Page for free and be up and running in a very short period of time. To be creative like we have been at Meltem Technology does take a little more time and experience, but the option is there for you to expand into another area of marketing. People who ‘Like’ your Business will be able to receive updates from you which will then be seen by all their friends and expand your reach to many more potential clients. There are so many benefits to Social Media marketing that it is fast becoming something that is difficult to ignore.

The Benefits of a Facebook Business Page