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Web Design and Development

Meltem Technology - Create a Marketing Platform

Meltem Technology - Website-design

Websites are one of the most important component of marketing strategy, so, it should be well crafted, up-to-date, effective and functional in addition to being distinctive. It should be designed in such way that it will attract visitors and increase their return rate, and, coupled with your other marketing efforts, lead to higher revenue. We combine our expertise with cutting-edge tools and best practices to design and develop websites that give results.

Custom Website Design

Meltem Technology - Writing

We can design a website suited specifically to your needs and those of your customers. We will conduct extensive research in order to carefully plan and execute your project. Our team of professional web designers and developers know how to create a stunning website that can take your business to the next level. We are here to help.

Responsive Design

Your website should provide the best user experience possible on all devices being used to view it—desktop monitors, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The good news is that you don’t need multiple sites designed to work on a specific device. We will create a single responsive website, which means that it will fit any screen size and orientation. Once the design is ready, we will test your website across all devices, to make sure it looks equally good and works seamlessly on all of them.

Website Redesign

Your website should generate excitement from your existing and potential customers so that they respond to your calls to action. Visitors will quickly lose interest in old, somber websites, which will lead to reduced traffic and loss of leads to competitors. We can give your existing website a new, fresh look and feel and add functionality and usability to it. This will boost your brand and bring in traffic. Keeping you website up to date with evolving technology and marketing practices is crucial in order to stand out among the competition.

WordPress Development

We create websites in the extremely user-friendly content management platform called WordPress. This system allows you to be in complete control of your site’s content without any technical knowledge. You can modify, edit or add new content on your site to reflect your growing business all by yourself. After your website is ready, we will give you all the necessary training on how use your WordPress account to manage your content.

Blog Design

A blog, which is short for “web log,” is an online journal that is updated by a blogger on a regular basis. The content of the blog is made of blog posts, under which readers leave comments and authors monitor them and reply. Blogging is an excellent marketing venue if you make a smart use of keyword rich terms with every post. In fact, we recommend having a blog as part of your overall website strategy, as it is a great way to expand your content and to increase the chance to be found on top of Google search and others. Successful blogging will drive traffic to your website where visitors can see products or services you offer. We create blogs either on WordPress or Blogger, two main blogging platforms. Whether you need a stand-alone blog or one to have as part of your website, we can help.

E-Commerce Design

Meltem Technologu - e-Commerce Website Design

At Meltem Technology, we develop user-friendly e-Commerce websites that are responsive, attractive and audience-targeted. We can integrate payment systems to suit any type of business as well as provide multi layered offers and discount systems. With the increased use of mobile technologies we ensure that all our designs will run on multiple media technologies, as well as ensuring that they are cross-browser compatible. We understand that many businesses will require changes to their product line as stock levels change and new products become available. With this in mind, we design and develop e-Commerce websites which can be easily maintained and meet the demands of any level of retailer.

Custom Shopping Cart Integration

A shopping cart is a major component of your e-commerce site, so it should be user-friendly and practical. Your customers should be able to easily add products to the cart, go back to browsing other products without losing items in the cart, proceed to checkout and pay make a payment. Also, emphasis should be put on description of the products and services besides their visuals, so that customers are persuaded to buy and not leave and search for what they look for elsewhere. We can design a custom shopping cart specifically tailored to the needs of your customers and those of your business.

Payment Gateway Integration

A payment gateway is an e-commerce service provider that allows your online store to accept payments from your customers. We’ll integrate your preferred payment gateway into your online shopping cart software. Also, when you have an e-commerce website, it is important to provide the best and safest payment options to your customers. It is crucial that these options allow for secure and smooth operation every time a customer clicks the “pay” button and submits sensitive information on your website. With our great encryption, all payment information on your site will be kept safe. Our payment gateway integration solution will be a win-win for both your customers and your organization.

Social Media

Social Media has seen exponential growth in popularity as companies have taken advantage of its wide reaching capabilities. Being on social media is important if you want to broaden your brand while growing and engaging with your customer base. We can help you create an online presence with all the major social media platform by setting up accounts and business profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, and others and integrate them with your website.

Website Maintenance and Security

Meltem Technology - Website Security

Ensuring that your website is well protected is essential for maintaining the day-to-day running of your business. Our website maintenance packages are a safeguard against any data loss, corruption from your web host or any administrational errors that may befall you. We know how much value is placed on the smooth operation of any website and as such we have created competitively priced solutions to give you ‘peace of mind’.

We can automate the backup of your website daily, weekly and monthly and ensure that your backup software is completely up to date. You may also make use of our own servers to ensure that you have duplicate copies of your website in different locations. We can even provide for you a monthly analysis of your website traffic and effectiveness of any search engine optimization.

For your website, we can periodically check for malware content, domain blacklisting and ensure that all your applications and plug-ins are current and up to date. We can address all the security and maintenance concerns you may have. We will ensure that your website is running at peak performance and all your data and information is securely stored. Your peace of mind is important to us. With this in mind, we developed our very popular Peace of Mind Package that has successfully relieved countless businesses from burden and stress of website maintenance. You can be one of them. Our package includes:

Automated Website Backups and Monitoring
– Daily, weekly and monthly entire website backups and keeping your backup software up to date!
– External online storage on our servers. Your entire backups will be stored on our servers immediately. This will give you peace of mind in case your server fails.

Website Maintenance
– Malware and domain blacklisting scan.
– All the plugins and applications used on the website will be updated every month to make sure your website is up to date!
– Monthly security report.

Monthly SEO and Traffic Analysis: – Your website’s keyword performance.
– Overview of traffic sources, domain rank, page views.

Content Management

Great websites have the ability to keep their viewers engaged by using dynamic content, aligned with the direction of a business. To be able to continually or periodically make updates a website requires a Content Management System (CMS). This web based management system easily allows a website administrator to edit, modify and maintain content without any programming skills whatsoever.

Open Source PHP Content Management

With our WordPress (open source content management system) PHP Content Management Solutions System you can easily modify your website as and when your business requires it. We will give you proper training so you can take full control of your website’s content without the need to hire a specialist.

Graphic Design

Meltem Technology - Graphic Design

Our graphic designers will use their extensive experience and best and proven practices to create the most beautiful designs that will effectively communicate your business to customers. Your logo and your print marketing materials are an integral part of your marketing plan and should be designed to deliver results.

Logo Design and Branding

At the core of success of any organization and its marketing efforts lies a corporate brand. An eye-catching logo will give your business a distinctive brand identity and recognition. Before you launch your marketing campaign, you should make sure that that your brand is consistent throughout all your materials, print or online. We will create a clean, professional logo that will tell your unique story and communicate your values while being aligned with your goals. Whether you need a refresh on your exciting logo and branding or need a completely new one, we will listen to your needs and design what will work for you the best.

Online Marketing

Today, Internet is at the forefront of many marketing campaigns companies launch to gain customers and make profits. Our online marketing solutions will help you be found easily on the Internet and rank high on search queries. Our clearly defined search engine optimization and web copy strategies will drive the right traffic to your website and help you convert prospects into clients. Use our Internet marketing solutions to grow your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Meltem Technology - Search Engine Optimisation - SEO

You have a beautifully designed website and you are ready to tell the world about it. But how will people find you on the Internet? How will you stand out from the crowd? Your goal should be to rank as high as possible on search engines, in fact, be on the first page. Because let’s face it—online users rarely look past the first page on Google or other search engines they submit their query on. The good news is that there is a solution. Enter Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This means optimizing your website with keywords that your prospective clients are likely to search online for what they need. You don’t have to allocate huge amounts of money to buy advertisement in order to bring traffic to your website. With SEO, people will come to you the organic way, naturally. Leave it to us to make your website top-ranking on any search engine. The target keywords we will use in your unique web copy and proper optimization we will do throughout will get you found fast and drive the right customers to your website.

Web Copywriting

Meltem Technology - Copywriting Services

Effective website is one that has a well-thought and persuasive web copy across all its pages. Your copy has to be unique and in tune with your brand identity. We will develop a high-quality, informative web copy presented in a natural, appealing way to engage visitors of your website and lead them into taking action. [Read more]

E-Mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is good for growing your business. We will help you reach your current and potential customers via emails with our seamless automated system with which your messages will be sent to the right people at the right time. Our graphic designers will create sleek and beautiful email templates that will communicate both your brand and your message to the addressees. Let us know your requirements and we’ll take care of your email marketing needs.

Hosting and Email Services

Meltem Technology - Networking

Once you have a new website ready to launch, you will need a web hosting service that will allow you to make your site accessible on the Internet. We will provide you with space on our server that you will own, as well as Internet connectivity. We will set up email accounts for your business with the same domain as your website. It is important to have email and website with the same domain, as it is professional practice. We’ll help you get there.

Web Hosting and Email Package

Our hosting solution is perfect for accommodating any size of websites and blogs. This cost-effective service includes:

- Domain name registration (if you don’t have a domain yet)
- Storage and management
- Email services
- Language support, including PHP, HTML/CSS, and XML.
- FTP account and much more...