Template or Custom Design Website?

Meltem Technology | Custom Design WebsiteIn recent years, there’s been a surge in self-design websites offering a profusion of templates and services at very low rates. These sites most commonly supply templates, which are used by many other companies and are very limited to any form of customization. Here are some good and bad aspects of them.

Template Websites are good looking, but:

  1. You will have to incorporate uncontrolled ads on your website, which may result in giving away your potential customers to your competitors.
  2. Your website looks like a bunch of other websites. Somebody else has or will have the same template that you choose for your website.
  3. The number of pages and products are always limited, so the template provider can ask you to pay more money if you need to grow your business.
  4. You are limited with the template you choose. When you need new functionalities and the template you chose doesn’t have them, you’re stuck. You have to shop for a new template and redesign the whole thing.
  5. Not responsive! Try to resize the browser window on one of those templates, the website inside will not resize itself, so some of your content will be invisible to your visitors.
  6. It will be a brochure website only, it will not work as an online marketer for you! That’s how they are designed—good-looking, but not functional. You will not be aware of your visitors’ behavior on your website.
  7. You never own it. If you want to move your website to a different server for some reason, you can’t! Because they own your website, you don’t. This happens especially when your business grows and you need a faster and bigger hosting environment.

Custom Design Websites are great because they have:

  1. You have full control. It’s up to you if you want to generate money by hosting ads on your website or not.
  2. Unique design that will boost your brand.
  3. Unlimited number of pages, posts and products.
  4. Unlimited design and programming opportunity.
  5. Responsive to all devices. Everyday screen sizes are getting bigger on desktop computers and new mobile devices are developed. Custom design websites detect the size of the visitors’ screen and adjust accordingly. This way the visitors don’t lose any portion of the website.
  6. Custom programmed websites detect and monitor visitors’ behavior from the point which they entered the website to the end of their session, and try to capture their information, such as email address, name, telephone number etc.
  7. You own it and you can take your website anywhere you want to. This is very important especially when your business grows.

Custom web design utilizes a businesses brand and image to portray professionalism and to help distinguish itself from the herd. It is becoming more important to businesses who wish to stay at the forefront of their sector and ahead of their competitors.

The need for professional custom website design is becoming ever more important as more businesses recognize the necessity of being online and companies strive to stay ahead of their competitors. Custom website design does have a number of important advantages which are essential in taking your business to the next level.

  • Unique Design – A custom web design is created for your business and your business only. Your online presence will be unique to your brand and portray your professionalism and level of sophistication. Your clients will correlate your online presence with your products and drive sales/services based on the quality they are presented with.
  • SEO Friendly – Search Engine Optimisation is critical to where your website ranks on the Internet. Custom web designs are more SEO-friendly as their background coding is designed to help your website climb higher in the search rankings. Therefore the more visible your website, the more your business will develop and grow. Primarily, your website is a marketing tool and your visibility will be the key to your success.
  • Future Proof – A well-designed custom website will aid future modifications as your business grows or expands. While not being constrained to the limitations of a template for which you have no control over, a custom web design can be modified at relatively modest cost while retaining total control. Consequently, new technologies can easily be introduced to your website, allowing your business to adapt to your clients’ needs.
  • Professional Support – Websites, which rely heavily on E-commerce or provide essential services, require a professional support system. A dedicated and professional support team is therefore required for the ongoing welfare and maintenance of a website. Their technical understanding and availability is of paramount importance to ensure the smooth running of a website as well as provide solutions for innovation and new technologies.

At Meltem Technology we provide custom web designs and technological solutions which are tailored to the specific needs of a business. We build relationships with our clients and understand the importance of providing solutions which meet all their organizational objectives and requirements. Our support systems ensure that all technologies run at optimal performance and we pride ourselves on providing a complete website service that optimizes the developmental capabilities of any future business.


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7 Aspects of Having a Template Website and Custom Design Website.