SEO – Search Engine Optimization for Marketing

SEO - Search Engine Optimization for Marketing by Meltem Technology, Inc.

Search Engine Optimization is predominantly a marketing strategy whereby a websites visibility is enhanced within a search engines natural search results. This in turn implies that a website would be ranked higher within the search engine, more visible to browsers and ultimately provide more exposure to a websites business.

Optimizing a website for improved ‘search engine ranking’ involves a number of processes. The initial task is to perform a complete analysis of how the search engines operate, the most commonly used search strings or the most common keywords preferred by the target audience. Upon completing the analysis, the next task is to optimize the website by editing its content and coding and increase its relevance to the already identified keywords. A further process which is utilised is the creation of ‘Back Links’. These inbound links are an important factor in determining a website’s popularity and much favoured by the search engines. In basic terms a Back Link is any link on a website that is received from another web based node.

Many businesses are now seeing the benefits of Search Engine Optimization. This relatively low cost process is allowing them increased visibility, more traffic to their business and greater lead generation. The main benefits to Search Engine Optimization are:

  • Increase In Traffic To Web Based Businesses
  • Increased Relevance To Online Customers
  • Relatively Low Cost Compared To Adwords or Pay Per Click
  • Higher Rankings Promoting Brand Credibility
  • Increase In Lead Generation & Customer Sales
  • Better Return On Investment

At Meltem Technology we provide SEO services and our trained experts can help you improve your online visibility. Talk to one of our Project Managers today to see how your business could benefit from Search Engine Optimization.

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SEO – Search Engine Optimization for Marketing