Peace of Mind Package!

This month we are offering great Discounts on our Peace of Mind Package!


Ensuring that your website is well protected is essential for maintaining the day to day running of your business. Our website maintenance packages are a safeguard against any data loss, corruption from your web host or any administrational errors that may befall you. We know how much value is placed on the smooth operation of any website and as such we have created competitively priced solutions to give you ‘peace of mind’.

We can automate the backup of your website daily, weekly and monthly and ensure that your backup software is completely up to date. You may also make use of our own servers to ensure that you have duplicate copies of your website in different locations. We can even provide for you a monthly analysis of your website traffic and effectiveness of any search engine optimisation.

For your website, we can periodically check for Malware content, domain blacklisting and ensure that all your applications and plug-ins are current and up to date. We can address all the security and maintenance concerns you may have. We will ensure that your website is running at peak performance and all your data and information is securely stored. Your Peace of Mind is important to us and be sure to check out our huge discounts for bundled packages – visit our Peace Of Mind Package page now!

Peace Of Mind Package

Peace of Mind Package!