Pacific Trading Academy

Pacific Trading Academy Website Project

Pacific Trading Academy provides education and technical analysis on financial markets to its subscriber base. We developed a web based solution which allows full automation of the membership module including sign up, trading room access, and management of subscription.


Over the 10 years I have worked with Meltem Technology, they have

– Designed and Managed our IT Infrastructure
– Installed and Managed Predictive Dialer
– Installed and Managed Network
– Developed our Website

– They have a complete knowledge of what equipment was needed for my company’s personal needs and were experts at installing all servers, terminals, networking and maintaining.
– They have installed and managed our Predictive Dialer systems for 10 years. Operation of the system has been amazing, we did not experience downtime and failures as we did with any other system we experienced in the past.
– Our network infrastructure was designed so well that fit our personal needs with best security and affordability that we’ve ever experienced.
– With the website Meltem Technology recently developed, we’ve become a fully automated online office that can be operated anywhere in the world. It has great creativity, functionality, user friendly, and has all the modern technology that all the major search engines are looking for.

It’s been fantastic working with Meltem Technology, I wouldn’t trust my computer technology with anybody else.

Frank Cameron, Owner at Pacific Trading Academy

Contact: Frank Cameron
Owner / Chancellor, Pacific Trading Academy
Phone: +1 (800) 339-8588

For the eight plus years that I have worked with Pacific Trading Academy, Murat has been exemplary in his role as head of MIS. His in-depth knowledge and experience, has been, and continues to be essential for the smooth operation of the entire organization. Apart from providing the IT backbone of the company, he has always been available to assist in my personal IT, platform, and general computer needs relative to my performance as a mentor. In short, for the thirty years I’ve been trading both institutionally and privately, I’m hard pressed to think of any one in the area of IT on par with Murat.

Glenn Thompson, Mentor at Pacific Trading Academy

Pacific Trading Academy